Savi Kaboo’s Post-Lockdown Debut

2 min readJul 7, 2021


For over a year we have all been waiting for the global pandemic to become a thing of the past. Until things went back to normal, music artists all over the world had to adapt to performing in front of cameras inside their homes instead of on stage. This April things changed when Savi Kaboo was able to finally perform in front of a real audience again at one of her favorite venues in Cyprus, Mason Bar.

With 14 months since her last performance in Belgrade at 2Hot4Stage, this was only Savi’s third live debut, but one that she couldn’t imagine being more excited for.

“I’m a little nervous, but the crowd feels great and I have a really good feeling about this. I hope I won’t have to check my phone too often for the lyrics”, Kaboo chuckled.

Tucked away in the historical center of Limassol, there is something special about the energy that you feel once you enter Mason Bar. A perfect mix of old and new, the outdoor seating area is dimly lit with the moon and starts acting almost as part of the set design. With just her voice and a small band behind her, Savi Kaboo performed her at the time unreleased album “Awakening”, for her first post-lockdown live audience. Once she began, naturally all her concerns vanished and you couldn’t spot her checking the lyrics even once. The fresh jazzy sound went perfectly with the venue, and the people loved it.

Savi Kaboo Live

After the performance we asked Savi how she felt about it. “The lockdowns in Europe have been weird — I know you all feel the same. Being stuck in Vienna during most of it has been tough, but being back in Cyprus has given me so much inspiration and I feel great about the music we have created. So many more people came out tonight than I expected! After having received so much love and support, I can’t wait to be back”.

As restrictions are starting to ease, things are slowly getting back to the way they were. This is great for music lovers because it means that they are finally able to enjoy their favorite songs the way they were intended — live.